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Aging like Health is a Journey

There are rules in aging and they are applicable to everyone.

Rule number 1 You can’t substitute having birthdays. Rule number 2 yes there are products you can buy for aging; but there are no products you can purchase for wisdom. Rule number 3 always remember rules one and two and add a smile.

On last week I celebrated my first year of launching JerrI Haslem Health Educator. I felt great! Energy, focus, gratitude and purpose. It’s no secret of my age, if you follow me on my social media platforms one of my hashtags is #ThePeachOf63🍑. Yet for my anniversary the one thing I had not completed in preparing was to dye my hair.

Since mid March I had not gone to the barbershop; no rinse and no dye coloring to my hair. I was looking forward to a fresh hair cut; yet I kept procrastinating dying my own hair. The morning of June 9th finally arrived and I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I woke up filled with gratitude. As I brushed my teeth, I looked in the mirror and could visibly see all of my gray hair. In an instant I knew why I had been procrastinating this chore. I actually liked the way that it looked. I was so accustomed to dying my hair that I failed to see the beauty of the gray.

We sometimes have this same mindset in our bodies. We have a vision of “perfection“ and fail to realize our “imperfections“ are our best signatures. Keep living cheers to your health.


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