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Anxiety Let’s Talk About It!

We must talk about what’s playing and replaying in our heads.  These thoughts are not going to magically evaporate.  What we are experiencing with COVID-19 is unprecedented and the uncertainty of many factors present an opportunity to have discussion(s).

This health pandemic is not only causing havoc on our medical system; it is affecting mental health, physical health, financial  health, spiritually and economically no one is immune.  The heartbreaking news of a physician taking her life as the entire world tries to combat this virus. Is a daunting reflection of our attempt as a nation to battle, stress, anxiety and depression alone.

Limit yourself to news coverage; stay informed yet 24/7 is not necessary.  You’re the only person that knows what you enjoy and what helps you to relax.  If that means a glass of wine and reading your favorite book, do so.  Let me say this a glass of wine, not the bottle (smile) okay.  If you have not, connect with family and friends with a virtual visit. There are lots of apps and devices that will allow you to see your loved ones at a distance.

Try this, close your eyes and imagine that HOT light at Krispy Kreme; I bet you can smell the doughnuts too! Face time, Zoom, do whatever you need to do connect with family/friends.  Take a walk, hike, or a run it can change your whole mood.

It’s Wisdom Wednesday and hear me Live Life On Purpose!  If you are not feeling like yourself, seek help!  We are all in this together!  Don’t give up, call a friend, get a therapist, seek counseling.  What we thought was normal, and now we are saying it's a new normal.  It’s both, you see change is inevitable and what we are experiencing at an accelerated rate are life changing events.

Be kind, breathe, and keep smiling even under your face coverings.


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