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Elephant in the Circus

What have you learned or taught yourself that is holding you hostage from making #changes?

When I taught Step Aerobics in the 90’s I would tell my students - Don’t be like the elephant in the circus. They would sometimes look confused as their minds first thought was of weight. I clearly corrected and explained it is your mindset that needs to change first.

When they are baby elephants a ball and chain would be placed around their ankles. Physically they could not move the ball and chain if they tried. This type of conditioning is repeated to train them of their inability. Once they become adult elephants, (keep in mind that the typical weight of an African bush elephant is 4400 - 13,000 pounds) they still can’t move the 200 pound ball and chain because of what they now believe. It has nothing to do with their physical ability as an adult elephant.

We, often learn or teach ourselves to accept limits; the reality is our thinking is limited. We like the elephants remember from a previous experience. Address the opportunity with a new mindset, I can, I will, I know, I believe. #SignedJH

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