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#IWill what will you do for your Health

Hello it’s #Iwill . What are you going to do for your health on today? #TodayIWill_______________ #PayItForward


During our training run this past Tuesday #Kabeer said to me Jerri I want to tell you how we first met. I was thinking 👀 say what 🤦🏾‍♀️ cause I’m like we recently connected through races/events. He said, when I was a college student at #UAB you taught #Yoga at Children’s Hospital. You were my first teacher of health. I didn’t have a car and one night after class you took me to Walmart; you drove a Cadillac truck & you had long hair. 😂 Y’all you could have bought me for a penny with a hole 🕳 in it 🤣 That was #15Years ago! I instantly remembered and it is a reminder of Life is a continuous circle of people in which your paths cross over and over again. #TreatFolksRight #PayItForwardFolks

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