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My Health is Non Negotiable Signed Me

Hello and #HumpDay #PrayerChangesThings #3miles to get it started.

It takes an entire Village. #WashYourHands and keep your distance. I’ve said this many times, you can buy a look that’s the outside. It can be lifted, tucked, pushed up, plumped or stretched; You can’t buy #Health there is no price tag.

Hear me, these are a few of many things that can’t be purchased Faith, Integrity, Character, Health! They are not dictated by age, gender, ethnicity, or wealth. As we all experience this unprecedented epidemic with COVID-19 it is imperative that all of us do our part to #FlattenTheCurve #WeAreOnePlanet Our health is impacted by the actions of all.


Jerri Haslem

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