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New Year New Opportunities

There are new opportunities that await you. The year 2020 was unprecedented with challenges and obstacles; yet if you’re reading this you survived it. Create change and hear me, stop ruminating! Stop writing the end of your story, journey, situation etc... You have a paper cut; but somehow you replay it over and over and your ending is the amputation of your finger.

If, you have a fear of catching COVID-19 do not; wait let me put this in all caps DO NOT have conversations with friends, family or yourself that escalate your anxieties .

In 2021 stop co-signing on the good and or bad of other people situations. Stop giving away your confidence, that color you’re wearing it looks good on you. You do not need a co-signer of your amazing gifts.

Take your talent, gifts, and ambition; match them to your commitment, dedication and vision for unimaginable opportunities in 2021 and beyond. #SignedJH🍑

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