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Today I will #SpeakTruth

#TodayIwill I had to address my truth and not allow anyone to speak, think or convince me to discount facts. #SpeakYourTruth for the good, the bad, and the ugly all have the power to heal. What will you do on today?

Today I sat in a conference session and wanted to cry. The insult was so subtle yet it was crystal clear. I wanted to get up & leave but I know my heritage and I have heard the stories of #MyAncestors. #SaulAndPearlRichardson are one set of my great great grandparents #slaves The subject of the session was - How a Trail could play a part in Healing a Community. The speaker started & stated it was two people in the room of African descent not sure why she referenced us🤷🏽‍♀️Fast forward during the presentation she showed a slide of what may have been the way slaves were transported. She stated the slide may be uncomfortable for the descendants of #SlaveHolders not once, not twice, but three times #SlaveHolder excuse me. Is this some new sugar coated softer term to describe #SlaveOwners! If we’re going to do interpretive memorials let’s understand the hurtful truth is the foundation of the healing process. I was in disbelief! At the end she asked if there were any questions🙋🏾‍♀️ I did not speak for myself, I spoke on behalf of another set of my great great grandparents #BobAndHarriettMoore and yes #AgainSlaves who never had a voice. I told her I would like for her to hear me and receive this, as a Black Woman to use that term (Slave Holder) was the ultimate insult to me and my ancestors. They were owned, considered as property not humans. The room went quiet, a very uncomfortable energy. The kind of energy and

nervousness that I’ve experienced when that subtle realization of racism makes you open your eyes. #ThePeachOf63🍑

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