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What are Your 4 Activities?

Perhaps you’ve seen the challenge to show your pictures from four social media platforms. Whether you are a fan or not; social media is here and impacts us daily.

My question to you, what are your four activities that get you moving? #ShowMeYourPictures Do they require a partner or a group to perform the activity? If the answer is yes, think about adding an activity to your list that can be performed solo. The reason I say this, you don’t want to limit yourself in not being able to be active because of the need of a partner or a group.

Make the time to address your health; you’re worth it. If you had an unlimited source of money it would not allow you to buy health. It does allow you to make cosmetic changes but hear me that’s not #Health. Figure out what are four activities that can impact/benefit your physical health.

My Health is Non Negotiable ~Signed Me

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