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What’s your Activity?

What’s your favorite Activity?

If you don’t enjoy an activity chances are you will not want to partake in it. We may have a favorite movie, dessert, television show. We will binge watch a series over a weekend, yet when I ask people, What's your favorite activity? They are sometimes at a loss for words.

People may have a favorite sport in which they enjoy watching, but I challenge you to find your activity or activities and embrace them. Being active can impact us physically and mentally. If there is an activity you can do with a team or a partner great. Enjoy that activity and add to that an activity that you can do alone. There will be times, where the team, or your partner are not available to fit your schedule. Trust yourself in being active with others and by yourself. You are your own individual team. In thinking of all of my activities and let me state for the record. I never played on a team (team sport) as a kid or as an adult. Yet, I have always had a passion to be active. As a young kid, I played #Jacks and no this is and was not a sport; this is great for hand-eye coordination. In elementary school in my mind (LOL) I believed I was a phenomenal tetherball player. Wait some of you are googling jacks and tetherball. Maybe because I am pre (Title IX - 1972) and clearly these activities did not require an outfit or large amount of money to play. In college my activity was racquetball; being a southpaw I’d like to think it gave me an advantage. Let me just say I had a decent serve. Bottom line COVID-19 has changed the way sports will be played. You, your children and your grandchildren must all hit the reset button for activity. There are lots of things you can do to move and today is a great day to find your favorite activity. Your hobby, sport, and/or activities are waiting on you to discover some amazing fun and memories. #StartMoving #KeepMoving #SignedJH

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